Horse Rider & Owner
Normadie (France)
Animal Treated: Horse
Used for: Tendonitis

Back in competition

I found my mare, Portlick Lass Connemara, 9 years old, lame (standing on 3 legs) on 07.12.2022 when I took her out of the field. The day before, she was fine so we suspected tendonitis from the field or a bad blow from the horses in her meadow.

I put her directly on VETMIC®, 2 days later she was walking much better; 4 days later Portlick Lass was only slightly lame.

After 2 weeks of treatment, I started working her again slowly, everything was back to normal. One and a half months after her injury, we are back in competition; everything is going well, she is even much more adept at exercise since the VETMIC® treatment.