Success Stories

Don’t take our word for the effectiveness of VETMIC®: In this section our clients ranging from Veterinarians, professionals and pet owners provide their stories on the effects VETMIC® has had on the health and wellbeing of their beloved animals.

Our team has worked closely with owners, veterinarians, and other professionals to collect data and information about the effectiveness of VETMIC®. We’ve selected a variety of cases that demonstrate the range of benefits that VETMIC® can provide, including reducing anxiety and stress, improving joint health, supporting skin and coat health, among others. You can find specific cases in our USER TRIALS.

Astonished with the results


Breeder & Equine Assisted Coach
Vienna (Austria)
We have applied VETMIC® to multiple issues & symptoms with the horses and I was astonished with the results both in the recovery and the speed of recovery. We have treated a foal with an injury and inflammation in the joints and tendons...

The perfect supplement


Driver & Horse Owner
Normandie (France)
We have achieved very favorable results overall after using VETMIC® for only a short period of time. Moreover, the horses seem to appreciate the product, waiting for us in the morning and evening to see us arrive to take VETMIC®...

Natural product without side effects


Santander (Spain)
I am delighted with VETMIC®. I have treated both professional and leisure horses and the results have been very satisfactory. I have used it in both chronic and acute pathologies, on some occasions as the only treatment...

Back in competition


Horse Rider & Owner
Normadie (France)
I found my mare, Portlick Lass Connemara, 9 years old, lame (standing on 3 legs) on 07.12.2022 when I took her out of the field. The day before, she was fine so we suspected tendonitis from the field or a bad blow from the horses in her meadow...