Spanish sport horse with bad hooves



Spanish sport horse, female, 10 years old.

In September and as a consequence of colic and enteritis for which she was hospitalised in Madrid for three weeks, she suffered a very severe laminitis of all four limbs, worse in the hands (forelimbs) and worse in the EAI (left forelimb).

She presented with a lot of rotation of the tissue in both hands, a lot of suppuration of the coronary runners and perforation of the palm. A lot of pain and long time in decubitus.
He was started on VETMIC® on 2/12/22, added to the usual medication and on 14/12/22 the hoof trimming was started, as it was not recommended until then.

Review on 27/12/22, she is doing much better, spending more time on her feet, alert and lively attitude. So far, despite the long process, she has continued to improve and is now leaving the stable and walking on hard ground.