Labrador with pruritic dermatitis



Labrador, spayed female, 4 years old.

She has had pruritic dermatitis in the abdominal and interdigital area since she was a little girl and, after urinating, also on the vulva, which she licks compulsively every time she urinates. The skin of the abdomen is hyperpigmented. Operated on both knees for cruciate ligament rupture (first one and after six months the other), despite being told that the surgeries are fine, she continues to limp. Treated with countless treatments, corticoids, citopoint, etc.

On 7/12/22 she was started on 5 drops of VETMIC® twice a day.

On 16/12/22 the skin on the abdomen is less pigmented and they have observed that she does not always lick when she urinates. They report continued lameness.

On 21/12/22 the skin on the abdomen is of normal colour and is much calmer and not itchy.