Horse full of vitality and energy


Horse Rider & Owner

A little more than a month after the castration of my horse, he had the counter blow of this operation. The level of hormones was starting to go down, he lost a lot of muscle and fat at that time despite a routine unchanged and that he lives in the meadow with a good lifestyle (progressive and varied work, meadow mates, food at will, etc.). The immune system was weakened at the same time. The physical change was shocking, in less than a week I didn’t have the same horse anymore, more than 100kg less, no more energy, tired and no more morale.

So, I gave him a VETMIC® treatment of 20 drops per day for a little more than 3 weeks. Today Dare is full of vitality! He has regained all the weight he lost, has a better coat, much more energy and flexibility at work and is in good spirits again.