Equine summer dermatitis



Purebred Spanish horse, entire male, 2.5 years old.

Last spring he began to scratch compulsively in the area of the mane and the base of the tail (signs compatible with equine summer dermatitis). The owner has treated him with different types of lotions and creams without success.

The first visit to this patient was in autumn, after the worst season of this problem, he had no skin lesions, although he continued to scratch, but with less intensity, which the owner is very concerned about. Allergy tests are negative for the most common allergens in horses, both environmental (including insects) and food allergens.

Started on VETMIC® on 7/12/22. On 19/12/22 a telephone follow-up was carried out and the owner commented that he felt very well, calmer. Down to a maintenance dose of 5 drops twice a day.