Breeder & Equine Assisted Coach
Vienna (Austria)
Animal Treated: Horse
Used for: Tendonitis, Dermatitis, Inflammatory bowel disease, Faster Recovery, Immunebooster

Astonished with the results

We have applied VETMIC® to multiple issues & symptoms with the horses and I was astonished with the results both in the recovery and the speed of recovery.

We have treated a foal with an injury and inflammation in the joints and tendons, after just 5 days the foal went from standing on 3 legs to walking again normally. We have also successfully treated Dermatitis (Eczema) within just 2 months, support from the inside for fungal skin infection and were able to successfully support weight gain in a horse with irritable bowel syndrome.

I give VETMIC® to my horses in stressful situations, when I notice the immune system is out of balance and in preparation for de-worming with fantastic results.